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7 Preschool Classroom Must-Haves Every Parent Must Look For

7 Preschool Classroom Must-Haves Every Parent Must Look For

Any classroom should have the right and adequate selection of supplies to maximize the teaching and learning processes. As parents, you should look for these preschool classroom essentials when scouting one for your kid. All these will contribute to your child's holistic development.

Preschool classroom must-haves

1) Manipulatives

Preschools that emphasize hands-on learning must have various types of manipulates from felt letters to lacing beads. Pegboards, blocks, magnets, and puzzles are other fascinating manipulatives that kids enjoy and engage with. These help in enhancing the students' problem-solving skills aside from developing fine motor skills. They would also learn how to build, sort, and organize.

preschool classroom must-have manipulatives

2) Reading nook

Materials that a student can explore on his own or with his classmates are needed too. A reading nook with all the right reading sources such as activity cards, picture books, and storybooks where students can discover and learn more about words is a crucial component of a preschool classroom.

3) Art area

    Arts and crafts are essential in unleashing the artistry and creativity of the students. An art area with crayons, construction papers, scissor sets, glue, clays, and paint provides a creative outlet in the classroom while creating and designing objects on their own. Open-ended activities allow students to explore their freedom of expression too.

    preschool classroom must-have music center

    4) Music center

      Exploring music is also integral to the preschool curriculum. A space with various musical instruments, props such as dancing ribbons, rhythm kits or hula hoops and where students can move, and dance to different music styles also offers them a way to explore their musicality including coordination and spatial awareness.

      5) Dramatic play area

        Bringing a student's imagination to life is vital for development and growth. One of the pre k classroom essentials is a corner or cubbyhole filled with costumes and props. This space gives students an opportunity to relate real-life scenarios through pretend play. It's an avenue to help them understand more about the world around them.

        preschool classroom must-have dramatic play area

        6) Floor cushions and rest mats

          From circle time to recess, there should be materials to keep the students comfortable. Mats and cushions must be quickly laid out on the floor when the needs arise to keep the kids relaxed while learning or playing. Of course, there should be a spot where to store them neatly when not in use.

          7) Storage area

            With all the materials and supplies mentioned here, a preschool classroom also needs a space or corner to put all these. Bookshelves and clear containers are mostly advisable because they give students easy access. Also, it's a way to teach students how to sort and organize to make the classroom as tidy as it should be.

            If a preschool shows a sign of skimping of these essentials or with these and yet are in beat-up condition, skip that preschool. Diligent preschools care about the learning of their students hence prioritize fixing broken items and replacing old or lost ones. It also tells about the quality of teaching that that preschool claims.

            If it lacks one of the must-haves identified above, that is not the right preschool for your child. Look further. There are several preschools in your area for sure. Find the one that allows your kid to discover, explore, and learn through completeness and variation. It's non-negotiable.

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