4 Things Parents Should Never Do, As Told by Preschool Teachers

4 Things Parents Should Never Do, As Told by Preschool Teachers

Are you the kind of parent that all preschool teachers love? You may be, but the truth is, parents--okay, the majority of parents--tend to annoy their child's teacher at some point inadvertently. Don't irritate these well-meaning beings. They already had too much on their plate, and driving them up the wall is entirely unnecessary. Parents do your part. Don't do these things.

Things parents should stop doing

1) Take too much of their time

Free up their time instead

Teachers need to, well, teach your kids. Unfortunately, while inside the school, everything they do is ruled by the bells. They schedules and routines to follow as well as 15 or more kids to attend to. Asking how her weekend was on a busy Monday morning is undoubtedly not a good idea. You can say hello, smile and say goodbye during drop-off or pick-up time. That's it. She would surely appreciate the fact that you know your boundaries.

2) Break school rules

Abide by the school rules instead

Teachers abide by the rules set forth by the schools. In their own classrooms, they may have their own set of rules that parents need to obey too. Rules are created to keep chaos at bay. However, some parents are not completely aware or deliberately ignore the rules. Both are unacceptable. As parents, we are responsible for knowing the rules and following them. If not, how can we make our kids understand the importance of abiding by own rules at home?

3) Make rude or impolite comments

Keep passive-aggressive comments to yourself instead

Teachers can only do so much, bringing her expertise and experience to the table. Observant parents, on the other hand, may offer suggestions but must no overdo such a privilege. Airing grievances such as "I don't like the way you teach!" or "Should our kids be doing that?" while the class is ongoing will not help. Opinions with subtle meanings are not suitable as well. If you have something to say about the way she teaches and handles her own classroom, do so. Please be reminded that teachers can hear you out given the proper place and forum.

4) Be an overly lax parent

Be a proactive parent instead

Teachers require things based on the needs of your child. For example, children tend to misbehave especially during recess and accidents may happen. Teachers will use extra shirts found in the lost and found bin for sure if the child has no extra shirt on his bag. This is one requirement that all parents are aware of and yet failed to deliver.

With all these, working everyday dealing with three to five-year-olds day in and day out is already a huge responsibility. Let's all contribute in making their loads lighters, their days easier.

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