15 Preschool Songs for an Exciting Day Ahead

15 Preschool Songs for an Exciting Day Ahead

15 Preschool Songs for an Exciting Day Ahead

Songs are a teacher's ally when welcoming students to the classroom. Admittedly, not all students are eager to attend class while some students inside the classroom are not actively participating in specific activities. Pique their interest and perk up their mood and excitement with these preschool songs.

Preschool songs to try

1) Good Morning to You

preschool song good morning to you

2) Clap a Friend's Name with Me

preschool song clap a friend's name with me

3) If You're Wearing Red Today

preschool song if you're wearing red today

4) Where is _____ ?

preschool song where is

5) Welcome Song

preschool song welcome song

6) Here Today

preschool song here today

7) 123 Song

preschool song 123 song

8) Do You Know What It Is?

preschool song do you know what it is

9) This is the Way I Move!

preschool song this is the way i move

10) Greeting Song

preschool song greeting song

11) Start the Day with a Smile

preschool song start the day with a smile

12) We Wish You a Happy Day

preschool song we wish you a happy day

13) Hello, How are You?

preschool song hello how are you

14) Welcome Everyone

welcome everyone

15) Say Hello

preschool song say hello 

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